10 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most of Us Have Forgotten)

10 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most of Us Have Forgotten)

Living in the modern era made us forget the basic skill of survival that we all need to know. We have so much relied on the technology that we have forgotten or never considered the life-saving skills of our grandparents.

Any of us never believed that we would witness such challenging times as we do right now, and not only one country is affected by the crises but the whole world too. Nowadays the survival skills of our ancestors would be of great value in order to survive all the possible upcoming hardships. The older generations never had the benefit of living with the perks of technology and had to rely solely on their hard work and survival knowledge something that we have completely forgotten believing that we will never need them.

For instance, if were forced to leave the urban setting and move to the countryside, then we would for sure face so many obstacles till we adapt to the new environment. All of us buy our food from the supermarkets, we drive our cars to get it and since it is pre-made, we immediately serve it. Most of us have no idea how to grow it or even worse how to cook it.

Therefore, we have to go back to our roots and regain our forgotten knowledge so that we can take control of our own survival. Believe us, it is possible, it has been written in our genes, and what is most important, we must teach our children the basic survival skills so they can also in future, if needed, take the control of their own survival. We need to teach them how to grow and value real food, light a fire, create and mend clothing, fish and hunt, acquire navigational skills, foraging, and so on.

10 Survival Skills of Our Great-Grandparents

  1. Food gardening

Gardening does not always refer to growing flowers, but also of food. Namely, during the World War II, many people had “Victory Gardens” so that they can have invaluable food supply.

  1. Cooking from scratch

Many of us consume “instant meals”, and the ones who cook already use half of the ingredients previously prepared like dried pasta, canned beans, breadcrumbs, frozen fruits and veggies. Only a small number of people know how to prepare a meal from scratch.

  1. Not wasting food

This is the rule that we all need to learn as we have the habit to throw away almost half of the food we buy. In the past such thing would have never happened as it took great effort to produce it and to cook it. Every piece of food was of great value.

  1. Preserving food

Electricity which includes freezers were not available hundred years ago, and people for centuries used their own natural ways to can food, smoke meat, and make homemade sausages.

  1. Herbal medicine

In the past the Big Pharma did not exist and people got treated with herbs. Nowadays, knowing the negative effects of the pharmaceutical drugs, many people have already turned towards the herbal medicine that has been proven to be effective.

  1. Basic mechanical repair

We should all have some basic mechanical knowledge so that we can fix minor defects in power tools, lawnmowers and washing machines.

  1. Navigating

In the past, instead of GPS, people relied on maps, signs in nature or simply asked for directions, and thus arrived to their designated place.

  1. Basic carpentry

If you have this basic knowledge, then for sure you will save a lot of money. You can do by yourself some basic home repairs and maintenance.

  1. Bartering skills

Nowadays we have fixed prices and bartering does not longer exist in the West. Yet, during the Great Depression many farmers and people survived thanks to their bartering skills.

  1. Self-entertaining

At some point in life we may not have TV, Internet, or social media, which are only recent human inventions, considering how long we exist on this planet. Not long ago people had their own ways how to self-entertain themselves, and for sure were less stressful, healthier and much happier.